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Australia might be ‘down under’ but when you consider the food trends of 2014, it’s right on top. From restaurants to corporate catering, the Australian food industry is all set to chart new heights this year. At Square Catering, the leading North Sydney Corporate Caterers, the excitement is palpable. Dusting off aprons, it’s a lot of fun to see them preserving, pickling, smoking, jamming and curing for all they are worth. Why? When all restaurants from Parramatta and Perth are serving delicacies like Kale and quionoa, how can the catering menu be left behind?
Transformative Culinary Trends of 2014 in Australia  1
So what are the top trends for the catering industry in 2014? The Asian flavours that are getting the most encores are the prawns and rice paper rolls from Vietnam and Ramen noodles from Japan. We have also developed a taste for spicy meatballs (from Moroccan to Mexican), smoked chillies, modern Jewish, Middle Eastern and Spicy Sichuan Chinese.

However, there is a lot more happening the food and wine industry in Australia than simply adopting and adapting the culinary developments taking place elsewhere in the world.

So here are our top food predictions and how they would shape the Australian food and wine industry in Australia. Meticulously collated after studying dozens of menus and interviews with the top Australian chefs, we present you with the three transformative culinary trends of 2014.

Minature Livestock

Kylie Kwong is really excited about the use of miniature livestock in restaurants. While we cannot be sure if this trend to make its way to corporate kitchens, Kwong suggests that more and more chefs and home cooks would start experimenting with edible insects as a very nutritious and might we say delicious (taste that crunch) source of protein. A very deep part of her Chinese heritage, edible insects, she feels would soon make its way into every Australian kitchen.

Native Ingredients

Australia would become much more Australian in the way it eats in 2014. Iron rich warrigal greens, which traditional Australian have known about and used in their stews and salads for centuries have started making an appearance in popular farmer’s markets. If we talk about proteins, the Kangaroo and Wallaby are rapidly jumping the menu bandwagon. From being the chef’s special at Australian themed diners, they would make their way onto the catering menus as well. Kangaroos are high in protein, are super lean and of course have a distinctive gamey taste, which we’re now developing taste for.

Given our burgeoning interest in native ingredients, you can expect some very interesting ready to eat meals like hot smoked Kangaroo sandwiches and coal charred Coorong mullet garnished in apple berries and flax lilies to soon become part of your caterer’s menu.
Transformative Culinary Trends of 2014 in Australia
The Big Fat Australian Barbeque

Our fascination with the most primordial and might we add possibly the healthiest cooking method continues to burn hot. Barbeques are becoming increasingly popular and kitchens are opening themselves up to the great outdoors.  While we are still fascinated with America’s Southern Style barbeques, it is expected that there would soon emerge a distinctly Australian flavour with the use of native proteins, rubs and the use of indigenous fuels like macadamia wood and mallee root for smoking the meat.

Alisia Goodwin writes for Sydney office catering company Square Catering, known for their Corporate Catering Packages.

A wedding cake is a chief facet of any wedding occasion. As well as providing a delicious pleasure for your wedding guests, it can be a focal point for your wedding occasion, and it is generally at the centre of its own wedding ceremony. Designer wedding cakes are a very popular choice. They give you the choice of what and how you want to tailor you cake. The more presentable the cake the more expressive it will be. Professional wedding cake designers consider each cake like a work of art, and although they may take ideas from previous cakes that they have finished, designer wedding cakes are completely and only one of its kind to each wedding.
Digital Camera
Having a very precise wedding theme, having your cake customized to show that theme can make it the ideal centre piece. We at Ecstasy Costumbre Wedding Cakes to present a great wedding cake one should consider few points that make the cake and the wedding remembered forever and lasts a lasting impression. We like to give few tips for that:
1) Take sufficient time to select a wedding cake
Three to six week is enough time to plan the cake. Once a bride knows her color scheme and the wedding venue, it’s good to get the cake designed and ordered before she enters the in `wedding avenue,’ which is usually the last two months.
2) Know the traditional and alternative wedding cake choices
Croquembouche (traditional):  is a tower of Cream-filled, puff-pastry ball (called “choux” in French) which are piled into a high pyramid and encircled with caramelized sugar. The name comes from the French words croque en bouche meaning ‘crunch in the mouth’.
Or few alternates we have in the list
Fruit Cake
A fruit cake typically packed with fruit cake with juicy raisins, sultanas, currants, apricots, cherries, dates and prunes soaked in brandy for several days before being slow cooked.
Rainbow Cake
Having a rich wedding theme? This is the cake for you!  Make up of 7 thin layers each featuring a color from the rainbow sandwiched between vanilla butter-cream. Your guests will get astound when you cut into this pearl!
Lemon Cake
A great fresh option, ideal for great weddings! This light cake is made with fresh lemons and filled with lemon curd butter-cream. Your guests will still be left with some space to try others!
3) Need inspiration? Try a cake Magazine!
Sometimes your best consider is to look up wedding cakes online and then take a design you find there, print it out and show it to your local bakery.
Ecstasy Costumbre Wedding Cakes1
4) Consult the experts

Look for a cake designer who specializes in the style of cake you’re looking for. If you have your heart set on a chocolate wedding cake, for example, find a chocolate expert.

5) Keep it unique

Think serving your cake in the evening time, or instead of pudding. Serving it with ice cream, chocolate sauce, or a fruit topping is also a great idea.
5) Show, tell and Get your Cake.
A first-class wedding cake designer will inquire for as much detail of your big day as likely to help him or her come up with some appropriate ideas. Let him or her know what type of dress you are wearing and what the style of your cake will reflect. Here you have it.

This article wrote by Ecstasy Costumbre Wedding Cakes.

The body needs a balanced diet to function properly. This means that your food should include a portion of; proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and the essential minerals ions. These components can be sourced from either the plants or animals. The choice between the two has been based on personal preference and availability. However, as more researches were done it was established that plants are the best sources of balanced diet. Several reasons are advanced to support this fact. One of the major reasons is that vegetables are less toxic when compared to animal products. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of people going vegan.
Tips to go Vegan for a Healthy Lifestyle1
What does it take to go Vegan?

Going vegan to enjoy the healthy benefits is not an easy thing to achieve. Many people have tried and keep on going back to animal products. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Monotonous and Boring Food
  • Temptation to eat animal products while not at home
  • Lack of information on the nutritional components of Plant products.

Despite of this, there are tips that can allow you to move from a full animal product consumer to a vegan.

Take It Up Slow 

Going vegan is not an overnight decision. This is one of the misconceptions that make people to fail in this transition. You should not put a sudden halt to the consumption of animal products. Doing so will result to cravings which will only lead going back to consuming the same. Therefore, you should reduce your intake gradually. This means that if you are used to 3 servings of animal products per day, you should start by reducing that two then to one.

Try a Variety of Plant Products 

There are a lot of plant products in the market ranging from mushrooms to tempeh. You should not confine yourself to the normal vegetables every day. The easiest way to give up on the animal product is to give your body a new plant product often. This way, you will not fall into the trap of feeling bored with plant products. In addition to the variety you should also vary the methods of cooking. Experiment with, fried, boiled, steamed and raw vegetables.
Tips to go Vegan for a Healthy Lifestyle2
Stock a lot of Plant Products 

It is quite challenging to go vegan while other members of your family are still taking animal products. The best way to avoid craving their food is to stock a lot of plant products. This way all meals that are prepared at home will have large servings of vegetables enough for you and your family. Remember that scarcity of the veggies in stock will give you an excuse to eat animal products.


You should meet other vegans. You can do this by following vegan blogs and online forums. In these online forums you will find vegans who are discussing their challenges and the way they overcome them. Online vegan forums are a great source of recipes. It is always easier to go through process as a group. As you make the transition to being a vegan, remember that ehic cards are important for a healthy lifestyle.

UntitledFor most of the Dubai residents and visitors, restaurants that are offering range of intercontinental cuisines and dishes have become a significant part of their day to day lifestyle but most of them are expensive because of their locality. If you dig a bit deeper then you will surely be able to find reasonable and appetizing roadside food stalls that are skilled in blending local dishes with some exotic ones to offer its customers with a mixture of Middle Eastern, Asian and international dishes.

Dubai comes in one of the topmost destination to spend a splendid vacation, not only because it has extravagant hotels, restaurants and shopping centres, but because it also offers some of the best festivals in the region. And it is perceived that most of the time tourists plan to visit this city during festive seasons.

Recently, the famous and much anticipated Dubai Shopping Festival has been ended but soon after that Dubai Festival and Retail Establishment make an announcement about the Dubai Food Festival. This attracted foodies in huge amount, not only locals but tourists from all over the world are also attracted to enjoy an entirely new level of culinary experience.

The festival is organized at different locations, divided in over fifty events with more than seven hundred diners and some of the best restaurants of Dubai are participating. You will be able to enjoy the delicious side of Dubai in this new festival which showcases the overwhelming selection of cookery experiences and also features dishes enthused by the cuisines of more than two hundred ethnic group.


Just like retail, shopping and hospitality sectors, the goal of government is to support and encourage one of the key sectors of Dubai i.e. food sector, this is why Dubai Food Festival is organized.

This festive event will also encourage Downtown Dubai top best restaurants Laserre to create exceptional set of food menus while challenging chefs to be creative while serving food throughout the period of this festival. This whole festival is divided in different events so that the foodies can delight themselves in delicious meals.

Both the government and private sectors are eyeing for inventive ways to boost the total number of visitors to Dubai. This is why the huge food festival is being fuelled by the cooperation between government and private food sectors of Dubai to transform this city into an ultimate travel destination.


In Dubai, restaurants and food stalls are well positioned so wherever you drive or walk in the city, you will comes across calm and peaceful diners as well as romantic dinner restaurants in Dubai, UAE with magnificent sceneries. From Downtown Dubai to the Palm Island, wherever you go, eateries rule the city with an extraordinary range of food offerings.

Whether you are interested in going to the restaurant with your other half or want to relish a night out with your family and friends, Dubai will content all your cravings. So when you are in the boundaries of Dubai, you will never miss a chance to have a pleasant lunch or dinner in town because of the presence of variety of restaurants.


The pizazz and attraction of Dubai’s luxury hotels and restaurants has attracted some of the best chefs to the city from all over the world, making it a perfect tourist spot. You will find all the international and local dishes in this city.

Vegan v Meat

Now we have all tried meat and loved it but some have seen many bad things in the media that have put them off from buying meat and turn to vegan. I’m not saying the vegan is bad but it just not the same and never will be the taste that you get from the meat is to die for I don’t see why people go vegan.

I know that one of the reasons is that the way they kill the animal but if you think of it in a religious way god put the animals for us to eat its park of the life cycle. I think some people have been thinking too much about how they kill the animals it’s not that bad it quick and easy.

Personally I think I would never go vegan even though some of the salad food are very nice and look very pleasing, its just not me I know I love meat and its good for the brain development.


THE head of Bristol Airport has called for talks with the Welsh Government, describing his airport as “an opportunity, not a threat” to Wales.

Robert Sinclair said that the Welsh market was very important to Bristol and that the problems being experiences at Cardiff Airport should not be seen as problem for Welsh air travellers.

He was speaking after recent weeks in which First Minister Carwyn Jones has joined in criticism of Cardiff Airport, which has lost routes and passengers in recent years while Bristol has risen through the ranks of UK airports.

is comments come after the Welsh First Minister publicly criticised Cardiff Airport and its Spanish owners, insisting he would not want to welcome visitors to Wales through the capital’s airport as it gives a bad first impression.

In an interview with BBC Wales Eye on Wales programme, Mr Sinclair said that Bristol Airport could bring tourists in to Wales.

Last year, around 700,000 of Bristol’s 5.7m passengers came from Wales, with Cardiff seeing just over 1.2m passengers over the same period. In Rhoose, passenger numbers fell 13% in 2011, despite numbers at Bristol increasing 1%.

A Welsh Government spokesman said: “The First Minister has repeatedly made his position clear, he wants Cardiff Airport to grow and become world class and is not satisfied with the current situation.

Bristol Vegan Fayre 2012

The Bristol vegan 2012 is coming it will be on the 27th may 2012,
The 10th annual veggie/vegan event in the heart of Bristol has expanded into 3 days. The world’s biggest vegan event opens its doors to the public at 2pm on Friday May 25th, with admission free to the public.
Opening hours are Friday May 25th 2pm –
8pm Saturday May 26th 11am –
8pm Sunday May 27th  11am – 8pm

What will happen there?
• Live music and performance including films, musicians, magicians, theatre and even vegan facepainting!
• Over 100 stalls crammed full with tons of vegan produce from fashion to campaigns, food to cosmetics – there’s something for everyone!
• 8 exquisite vegan caterers from every corner of the globe
• Cookery demos including a Raw Chocolate Workshop, Kids’ Cookery classes and Hemp Smoothie demos
• Talks and presentations from some of the most influencial people and companies in the field
• Our amazing Ready Steady Chef competitions – Juniors and Masters go head to head in 30 minute rounds to produce the best plant based meal!
• Our Best Veggie Burger and Sausage Competitions – who will win the coveted title of Best Veggie Sausage and Burger Producer of 2012?!
• TONS of freebies and tasters
• Exclusive special offers from plenty of our stallholders
• A wealth of free information on the vegan / vegetarian diet  
• Fun, friendly and family orientated – a great weekend out for everyone!

We hope to see Bristol Vegan Fayre live and back in Bristol this summer. When there was no show in 2011, many vegans was very dissapointed.

Back in 2011?
We hope to get the entertainment back on stage, and would like our supporters to give some extra money this year – so the Bristol Vegan Fayre can come back better than ever.. All vegetarians and vegans, please show your support.