A superb site location by the Waterside in the heart of Bristol, plus an excellent organising team, top rate security, some stunning stallholders and sponsors, some supreme entertainers, an awesome line up of talks and demos, and a brilliant team of stewards and helpers ensures that everyone who visits the Bristol Vegan Fayre not only has a memorable day out, but leaves brimful with inspiration, education, some excellent shopping and of course extremely well fed.

It doesn’t matter what your current dietary status is – you’ll be welcome at the Bristol Vegan Fayre.

Whether you’re a raw foodie looking for the latest info and products, a committed vegan in search of new cookery ideas and some leather free footwear, a veggie tempted by the idea of going vegan and wanting to know more about it, an ‘omnivore’ who is after reducing their meat intake and in search of a few ideas, recipes and products – or none of these, eats anything but likes a good time, enjoys a decent festival and some good bands, and can put up with a veggieburger and pint without too much issue – you know you’re all welcome – it’s an inclusive show designed to suit all comers.

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